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"We have always been very pleased with every representative Danielle has but I have to admit Yesenia is a "diamond"! She's smart, attentive, genuinely concerned, and caring.

We love her and thank you for hiring such an awesome person. Every client of yours needs a Yesenia. 🙂 She's just on top of her game. You've taught her the procedures of this business and she has made it her own. She's a professional, she's accurate and has a natural gift of putting her client, Danielle, at ease. She's a Blessing! Thank you,"

-T. Brown
"This is an easy letter of recommendation to write, because it's birth was formed through the ferment prayer & longing of a mother looking far into the future; depending on Devine Providence to supply its development & fruition. It certainly was not the plan of any individual; only the father, Himself who knows the course of every man's life could direct this excellent plan for my son's Michael's future life.

The start began in our home, a familiar comfortable surrounding for both of us. Questions posed were for information & to understand the need & direction for Michael's life. Afterword a councilor fitted with compassion & intellect was assigned. It was apparent that Michael's needs were somewhat different than average; many physical & health conditions were the first order of his care, all conditions were undertaken with careful & patient attention. Each need was treated by the appropriate Dr. The distance for location & time or frequency was never compromised. From office visits, to hospitalization, to convalescence, all were as professionally directed & completed as order. From my heart, let me say clearly- these were events beyond the scope of my ability & stamina; areas I could not get to, a schedule I could not meet.

Even though our councilor Patrick had some health challenges, Michael's appointments were kept & all instructions followed. It is obvious the training they receive equips them to be able & resourceful. Michael has benefitted from the influence of having a male handling his activities. Someone who is understanding & compassionate of his flight. I highly recommend Modern Support Services as the organization to achieve the needs & direction these special individuals have. My prayers have been answered because I prayed for God to send someone into our lives who would be able to give lifetime care & concerns for Michael's needs, and he did. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Modern Support Services."

-G. Anderson
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the staff at Modern Support Services, LLC for their ongoing commitment to the well-being of my son, David.

The ILS workers are always compassionate, patient and very supportive of David. Thank you for your excellent services."

-D. Mitchell
"I like Modern Support Staff because they help with all of my doctor appointments. When I get sick they are there for me. Modern Support help to be more independent."

H. Lo. (Support Recipient)
"The instructor is always bright and happy. She has a great attitude. I love MSS. With their help I can take care of all of my bills/mail. With MSS helps I feel free to write or call anyone I want. MSS helps me maintain my independents in my own home."

C. Fl. (Support Recipient)
"Many many years ago we were referred to Modern Support by a local Regional Center to help our son with his Independent Living Skills (ILS) needs. Everyone that I worked with was very pleasant, understanding and compassionate towards my son. Unfortunately, soon after we moved out of the Los Angeles area and couldn't work with them any longer.

Just about a year ago, our family moved back to the suburbs of Los Angeles and I insisted that Modern Support Services be the provider again for my son's services, who has Autistic disorders. He gets along with his caregivers, because they understand his needs and help him achieve targeted goals. Modern Support Services has really been our support in time of need. One of the best things that happened to my son is learning to take the bus; it allowed me to have free time to do other things. Thanks to Modern Support Services, he received training to take the bus to work. Now he rides the bus to his work, and feels very independent.

I truly believe that Modern Support Services has been a God send to us. It’s hard to find people you can trust to take care of your children or young adults with disabilities. I can undoubtedly recommend that you give Modern Support Services a chance, especially if you have been unhappy with other agencies." Good Luck to all readers,

A Parent
"I used to live in a group home, but now i've got my OWN apartment thanks to the Modern Support Services.

I've been living in the group home system for about almost all my life, until one day in 2005 these people came to me and said "hey, how do you feel about living on your own" ...I was speechless, I couldn't handle myself! At first I thought they were joking!, but they had a serious look on their face like it was going to happen. When 2006 rolled around, I found myself in an APARTMENT!,,,living a normal life just like any other person would. I had to deal with life's struggles and other things that life dishes out. It's now been almost 3 years since i've lived on my own, and i like it a lot.

I would like to thank Jack & Gina at Modern Support Services for all their hard work and effort for moving me into my very own apartment!"

H. Ki (Support Recipient)
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