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Modern Support Services was established in the year 2000 as a home- and community-based service provider to support the I/DD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) community with access to individualized, person-centered services that promote the following core focuses: independence, self-sufficiency, participation, becoming a valued community member, enhancing quality of life, and optimal wellbeing.

Modern Support Services’ mission is to empower and advocate through team collaboration, with compassion, and integrity; for a comprehensive life of meaning and worth through valued relationships, community participation, and education; and to foster a well-balanced lifestyle encompassing spirituality, economic responsibility, and social contribution. 

Since its inception, Modern Support Services continues to develop ideas and seek opportunities for minimizing service gaps, with the hopes of better accommodating the dynamic needs of the I/DD community and being a comprehensive human services agency for all people.

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Modern Support Services operates using the philosophies of: Universal Enhancement, Emotional Intelligence, and Person-Centered Thinking—among others—to inform, guide, and shape our mission of improving peoples’ lives while creating opportunities for individuals to: learn, be involved, have input, and grow in ways they may not have previously been afforded.

Modern Support Services believes in collaboration, adaptability, responsiveness, and individualization in working with the communities we serve. We find these to be the pinnacles for supporting individuals, families, loved ones/significant people, the workforce, community members, and other service professionals in achieving the hoped outcomes…with quality, efficacy, attentiveness, and compassion at the forefront of our work.

Modern Support Services’ aims to foster an environment in which individuals are able to build a foundation for self-sufficiency and optimal well-being, by contributing as a valued member of the community through: active participation and social responsibility, thus enhancing the present and promoting the hopes and dreams for the future.

With this in mind, Modern Support Services’ primary objective—as a human service agency—is to break the barriers and reimagine the potential for enhancement of all peoples’ lives.

Modern Support Services California currently provides services in the following counties:

• Los Angeles
• Orange
• Ventura